Cam Ranh Stagefield

U.S. Army Photo - Boyce Ditto Library

Stagefield: CAM RANH


Army Map Service Coordinates: PM009268

Telephone Number: None

Elevation: 1135 ft

Traffic Pattern Altitude: 1600 ft

Radio Call: Cam Ranh

Frequencies: 139.10



2 Autorotation Lanes: 1600' x 50" each

4 Approach Lanes: 4 pads per lane - 30' x 30'

No paved hovering area

No fixed lighting

Hand Light Gun


Windsocks: 2: 1 in NE corner, 1 in SW corner


Permanent Control Tower: Air conditioned, light gun, wind velocity and direction indicator.


Radios: 2 ARC - 60 radios (UHF)

1 ARC - 524 (VHF)


All weather access road


Distance from Fort Wolters: Air - 8 NM


Ready Room: 6 tables with chairs, no air conditioning, no water available at site, temporary latrines.


Restricted Areas: None


Remarks: Stagefield is located in Downing "Triangle"; maximum altitude outside traffice pattern is 1500' MSL.


Hazards: Unmarked powerlines on south edge of stagefield.


Traffic Pattern:

Go-Around: Report go-around to control tower, climb straight ahead to 1600'. If traffic permits, tower will clear aircraft to turn crosswind and downwind at 1600' for closed traffic. If not cleared closed traffic, break traffic at 1600'; cleared to 1500' and re-enter normal traffic.



Present Day Aerial View