Camp Wolters Longhorn - 1943
What was happening in 1943 as reported in the Camp Wolters Longhorn
Still under construction - will include photos and articles from the Camp Wolters Longhorn
Edition Date News Article
Vol.1 No.13 - p.1 01--7-1943 Miss Camp Wolters Service Club to be chosen.
Vol.3 No.13 - p.2 Booby Trap training.
Vol.2 No.13 - p.3 Biography of LTC Wylie C. Turner, CO of the 56th BN.
Taxes are certain - tax and earnings chart.
Vol.2 No.13 - p.6 Army rationing nil by contrast with what civilians go without.
Vol.2 No.13 - p.8 USO Woman's center in town bustles with G.I. activity.
Vol.2 No.14 - p.1 01-21-1942 All-Soldier revue "On the Double" slated for March production.
75 soldiers hunt salvage metal.
Winner named in Service Club Queen contest.
Vol.2 No.14 - p.2 Article about soldier family living off-post.
Vol.2 No.14 - p.3 Biography of LTC Anthony F. Levno, CO 51st BN.
CPT William T. Cheney tells of his 21 days on a raft with CPT Eddie Rickenbaker, WWI flying ace.
Vol.2 No.14 - p.6  Painting by Simon G. Michael of the 60th BN of BG Magruder unveiled.
Vol.2 No.14 - p.8 PVT Lloyd L. Knott said to be one of the oldest volunteers (45 yrs-old).
Vol.2 No.15 - p.1 **
(** Listed as no. 14)
02-04-1943 IRTC cadre known by insignia.
Vol.2 No.15 - p.2 Officer Pool School course field training.
Vol.2 No.15 - p.3 Biography LTC John W. Oliver 60 67th BN (colored Troops).
Vol.2 No.15 - p.5 Owl with 6' wingspan lives in warehouse!
Vol.2 No.16 - p.6 03-04-1943 Pity the poor point-rationed civilian.
Vol.2 No.15 - p.6 MSGT Michael F. Ferer - History does repeat itself.
Vol.2 No.15 - p.7 PVT Stanley J. Lewis tells about parachute jumping and shark fishing.
Vol.2 No.15 - p.3
Vol.2 No.15 - p.3
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