Camera Trip Through Camp Wolters Booklet
Different versions of a picture book were available to send back to families and to keep for future memories at most training facilities during the war.

The statue "Salute" was ordered by MG Bruce Magruder as a morale booster dedicated to the sacrifices being made by American youth in the war effort. It was sculpted by Tech Sgt. Simon G. Michael, of Cleveland and New York, a nationally famous sculptor in civilian life.

In spare time from training duties, Sgts Glenn Amon and Eugene Fruhwirth were ordered to pose as the model for the renowned sculptor.

History of Fort Wolters.
View of the Camp Headquarters and inside the barracks.
Sports Arena and Station Hospital
Religious Activities
Service Club and Sports Arena
Camp activities
More Camp activities
Motor Pool and Kitchen Police duties
Come and get it!
Getting shots
Motor Pool and spare time activities
Lectures, lessons and classroom training
Give it Your Best!
Gas Masks, OCS board and Tank Defense training
Mortar training
Battle Practice and the Firing Range
Loading Operations and the camp fire fighters
Close combat practice
Bayonet and "dirty tactics" training
Building bridges and assaulting barbed wire obstacles
Obstacle course and ferrying jeeps
Obstacle course
Hand-to-had training and taking field showers
Station Hospital
Obstacle course and camouflage lessons
USO Camp Shows
The story of "Salute" told by Glenn Amon