Soldier's Letters - Private Varro E. Tyler

Private Varro Eugene Tyler joined the Army on March 30th, 1945 reporting to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. After the initial in-processing he was shipped by rail on a "troop sleeper" to Camp Wolters which he described to his parents as being "big" and "deep in the heart of Texas."

Initially he was assigned to the 4th Platoon, Company A, 52nd Infantry Training Battalion. Besides the normal Infantry Basic Training which lasted for 16 weeks, his company was to receive specialized scout training in intelligence and reconnaissance. He was just starting to get used to the training regimen when a blister on his right ankle became infected and he was hospitalized for treatment. The time he spent in hospital required him to be set-back to the next training cycle as he had missed too much valuable training. To his relief he continued in the same training Battalion but was now in Company B, 52nd Infantry Training Battalion.

His letters were obtained from an estate sale and provide an interesting insight to the Infantry Training Replacement Center. Written with clarity and concern for his parents feelings, his letters were always upbeat and positive. Even during the middle of what was an extremely arduous training cycle he continued to express his interest in his hobby of Philately - which is the study and collection of stamps. He often requested items from home and always appeared grateful for the efforts his parents made in fulfilling his requests. After the war he returned to his schooling and had a very distinguished career as a Professor of Pharmacognosy and philatelist who specialized in the study of forged postage stamps.

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