Camp Longhorn - 1941

The first issue of the Camp Wolters Longhorn was printed on July 24, 1941.
Initially it was printed twice a month and cost five cents a copy.

Edition Date News Article
Vol.1 No.1 - p.1 07-24-1941 BG Simpson, CO welcomes the first edition of the Camp Wolters Longhorn.
'' NCO Housing contract awarded - 100 houses to be built in Mineral Wells.
'' Quartermaster laundry service - costs $1.50/month, with 3 day service.
'' Infantry Training Replacement Center (IRTC) organization described:

51st Bn - Co. A, B, C, D
52nd Bn - Co. A, B, C, D
53rd Bn - Co. A, B, C, D
54th Bn - Co. A, B, C, D
55th Bn - Co. A, B, C, D
56th Bn - Co. A, B, C, D
57thBn - Co. A, B, C, D
58thBn - Co. A, B, C, D
59thBn - Co. A, B, C, D

60th Bn - Co. A, B, C, D
61st Bn - Co. A, B, C, D
62nd Bn - Co. A, B, C, D
63rd  Bn - Co. A, B, C, D
64th  Bn - Co. A, B, C, D
65th Bn - Co. A, B, C, D
66th Bn - Co. A, B, C, D
67th Bn - Co. A, B, C, D


Vol.1 No.1 - p.2 Army Strength at 1,477,000.
'' President Roosevelt keeps troops in service.
'' Letter regarding about 13 week training cycle.
Vol.1 No.2 - p.1 08-07-1941 COL. Fay W. Branson, X.O. of IRTC, leaves to command Camp Barkeley. COL. Lloyd R. Besse becomes Camp Wolters X.O.
'' 67th BN first to shoot .50 cal machine guns on range.
Vol.1 No.2 - p.2 2 nurses die in auto crash near Rolls, Texas.
Vol.1 No.2 - p.3 Biography of COL Fay W. Branson.
'' 9 Battalions fire on range at 1,050 targets.
Vol.1 No.2 - p.6 Chaplains to meet all the trains bringing selectees to camp.
Vol.1 No.2 - p.8 "Keep em Happy" club asks girls to be true to soldiers.
Vol.1 No.3 - p.1 08-21-1941 Army Strength at 1,545,000.
'' "Kings of the Highway" adopted as Corp's official marching song.
'' 5c fare for bus service around Camp Wolters.
Vol.1 No.3 - p.3 Camp Wolters one of four IRTC locations turning out 17 battalions of trainees every 13 weeks.
Vol.1 No.3 - p.6 Drawings show how Camp's new Chapels will look.
Vol.1 No.3 - p.8 General Orders for Chow-Hounds.
Vol.1 No.4 - p.1 09-04-1941 Details provided fro the release of 200,000 enlisted men - providing there is no change in the international situation.
Vol.1 No.4 - p.3 Biography of COL Lewis K. Underhill - Commander of Group 12 (Teacher of Officers).
Vol.1 No.4 - p.8 Girls arrange for hostesses to dance at U.S.O. dances in Fort Worth.
'' Camp Theatres to get first-run films soon.
Vol.1 No.5 - p.1 09-18-1941 "Brushface" Krause gets the key to Mineral Wells.
'' 1st group of 28 yr-olds get released.
'' 50 selectees chosen to go to Infantry OCS at Fort Benning.
Vol.1 No.5 - p.3 COL Lewis K. Underhill posted to Boston, MA. LTC Frederick W. Huntington to succeed him as CO, Group 12.
'' Biography of COL Otto F. Large - Executive and Plans and Training Officer IRTC.
'' Army Strength 1,587,190.
Vol.1 No.5 - p.7 Buddies chip in $11. Aid soldier in time of grief.
Vol.1 No.6 - p.1 10-02-1941 Mural of natural scenes unveiled at the Service Club. Artist CPL Simon George Michael was also given his "28 year-old" discharge papers.
'' BG William H. Simpson gets 2nd Star as a Major General. MG Simpson is the CO of Camp Wolters - had assumed command April 2nd, 1941.
Vol.1 No.6 - p.4 Camp's first M1 expert.
Vol.1 No.6 - p.6 Camp gets Dog-Tag Stamp machine.
Vol.1 No.7 - p.1 10-16-1941 MG William H. Simpson took over the 35th Division at Camp Robinson, AR. COL Henry McClean, former commander of Group 13, assumed command of Camp Wolters (temporary).
'' $37,639 contract for 156th Station Hospital.
'' Army strength - 1,588,500
Vol.1 No.7 - p.2 Good Conduct Medal set up - 3 years of service.
Vol.1 No.7 - p.3 Family tree of M1903 rifle.
'' Biography of COL William H. McCutcheon, Commander of Group 12 - wounded 3 times in WWI.
Vol.1 No.7 - p.5 9,000,000 cans of chow bought.
'' Men of 56th BN enlisted for 3 years.
Vol.1 No.7 - p.8 BG Wolters the only Texan to be awarded a Service medal as a result of the legislature.
'' 7,200,000 eggs for Camp Wolters (yearly).
Vol.1 No.8 - p.1 10-30-1941 BG Emil Reinhardt CO Camp Wolters (arrives following week).
'' PFC Hobart K. Fry gets the Soldier's Medal for the rescue of his buddy.
'' Fourth Division tested as a radical new division.
'' New system divides Camp into Regiments. Gets rid of Groups 11, 12, 13 and sets up 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th Regiment. 11th RG now composed of the 51st, 52nd, 53rd BN; 12th RG composed of the 55th, 56th, 57th BN; 13th RG composed of the 58th, 59th, 60th, 61st BN; 14th RG composed of the 62nd, 63rd, 64th, 65th, 66th BN.
'' 6 new chapels to be opened 11-16-1941 - total costs $93,800.
'' 60th BN's CPL Eugene Fruhwirth and others going to meet recruits at Camp Custer, MI.
Vol.1 No.9 - p.1 11-13-1941 BG Reinhardt arrives at Camp Wolters.
'' 1000 man Reception Center to open.
Vol.1 No.9 - p.3 Biography of LTC Morris B. Badt - Camp Medical Inspector.
'' Rents Fixed for Non- Com homes.
'' PFC Hobert K. Fry gets Soldier's Medal.
Vol.1 No.9 - p.8 Co-eds from Texas State College for Women at dance for soldiers at Denton, Texas.
Vol.1 No.10 - p.1 11-26-1941 New Gas Station on post.
'' Camp Wolters Bakery.
'' Hellen Keller eats Army beans;  Liberal policy for Christmas leaves.
Vol.1 No.10 - p.2 70,000 colored troops serving in the Army (259 Officers).
Vol.1 No.10 - p.3 Biography of LTC Maurice Bigelow - CO 11th Regiment.
Vol.1 No.10 - p.7 33 to enter OCS at Fort Benning.
Vol.1 No.11 - p.1
Vol.1 No.12 - p.1