Home Page for the Fort Wolters era (1956 - 1973)


1971 Fort Wolters Guide and Directory

Description of the facilities and their mission of Fort Wolters in 1971. Also includes a Photo Gallery of the scanned Directory. Complete

ORWAC 68-24

A Written and Audio Narrative of one person's reminiscences about attending Helicopter Flight School at Fort Wolters in 1968. Complete

Flight Training


Descriptions and then-and-now photos of the Stagefields and Heliports used at Fort Wolters. Complete

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery of Fort Wolters today. Can be run as a Slide Show, and all photos are expandable. Complete
Camp Wolters Home Page for the Camp Wolters era (1941 - 1946)

A Model Soldier

Story of WWII veteran Glenn C. Amon and the famous statute "Salute". Taken from the Mineral Wells Gazette. Complete


Covers the Infantry Replacement Center during World War II. Working on 1941

SWB Booklet

Description of the facilities at Camp Wolters taken from an information booklet that was published by the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. Also includes a Photo Gallery of the scanned booklet. Complete

Soldier's Letter

On November 16th, 1942, Private Merriam W. Curtis wrote a letter to a friend, Norm Hammer.  Pvt. Curtis was a trainee at Camp Wolters, assigned to Co. B 52nd Bn. The letter and photo has survived over sixty years. Complete

I am a Doughboy

All of the text and pictures come from a booklet published during World War II by  the government. It's purpose was to describe the training that was given at each of the nine IRTC bases during the war years.

A scan of all of the pages can be viewed at a Photo Gallery and all of the pages can be viewed at high resolution by clicking the enlarge button.

Wolters AFB Covers the Wolters Air Force Base Era (1951 - 1956)
BG Jacob F. Wolters Biography of Brigadier Jacob F. Wolters Complete
Wolters Industrial Park Covers present use of the facilities.
Around Mineral Wells Photo Gallery of Mineral Wells, Weatherford, Palo Pinto and the surrounding localities. Complete

Texas Fort Trails

Photo Gallery of Texas Forts built to protect the settlers in frontier Texas. It has been expanded to also include Fort Sill, Oklahoma and the the Little Bighorn Battlefield. Complete