Christmas Menu
Even in time of war, the Army whenever possible,  took the time to take care of the trainees and feed them a traditional Christmas Dinner. The training schedules would be relaxed for the  day, and around noon the trainees and the company cadre would join together for their  Christmas Dinner. They weren't home, but a grateful nation tried to provide them with a first-class meal similar to what they would have enjoyed with their families.

Among the company cadre, was Glenn C. Amon, the First Sergeant. The First Sergeants virtually ran the training companies and Glenn spent most of his time in the U.S. Army ensuring that raw recruits were cycled and trained into the well-trained Infantrymen who helped will the war.

The Christmas Dinner Menu for Company A, 60th Infantry Training Battalion, at Camp Wolters  on December 25th, 1943, was as follows:


Roast Young Turkey, Corn Bread Dressing, Giblet Gravy, Cranberry Sauce.


Snowflake Potatoes, Buttered Peas, Creamed Corn, Candied Yams, Sliced Tomatoes.

Parkerhouse Rolls with Butter


Plum Pudding, Apple Pie, Fruits.