Fort Wolters Now
It is undeniable that many of the buildings at Fort Wolters have been neglected by their owners in recent years. Buildings that once housed and trained so many young troops who fought for their county in two major wars are now crumbling.  But, the old fort still helps train troops through its National Guard presence, the weapon ranges are still used, and many bustling businesses have made good use of the facilities they now occupy.

When re-visiting the old fort, it is easy to let one's thoughts go back 35 years to when the base vibrated with urgency as it performed its vital national mission. I hope you enjoy the pictures I have enclosed in the Photo Gallery. Some things haven't changed, the friendly townsfolk in Mineral Wells and the blue central Texas sky.... if you get the chance to return and visit I think you will enjoy your time on the old base. There is still much to see at Fort Wolters....

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