Soldier's Photos
All of the photographs on this page were kindly donated by Pavel Bergmann from the Czech Republic. Recently he bought a photo album with many priceless memories about Camp Wolters. Pavel is a reenactor and researcher and is looking for any information related to the U.S. Army's 17th Airborne Division. Thank you Pavel for your willingness to share these unique photographs.

Arnold J. Tate - Co, B, 58th Bn. Qunicy, Ill.

Camp Wolters  Texas


Wm. Staiger -Chicago Ill.

Light pack - rifle - belt & leggons, & canteen

Co.B, 58th, Bn. Camp Wolters Texas

Distant picture of Areas 1, 2, & 3

Camp Wolters, Texas

Target numbers taken from 200 yd.

Camp Wolters

June 1943

Glenn Williams

K.P. boys peeling potatoes in 59th Bn. Co,C. Camp Wolters

Street in Mineral Wells, Texas