Flight Training

To replace a collection of different training information, and to make that material more accessible for student pilots, in 1967 the "Primary Flight Training Manual" was published. Subsequent minor changes to the manual were published as needed, and then periodically a complete update was made.

Enclosed in a durable, bright orange vinyl binder, the 5.5 x 8.5" manual was designed to be quickly located among the multitude of manuals that all trainees were issued, and could be tucked away in the lower leg pockets of the their flight suits - available to be studied on the bus to the stage fields, while waiting at the stage fields, or at any other opportune moment.

The manual was a useful reference that was tabbed into sections for quick accessibility. To view the whole manual click on the manual's cover photo to the left. Access to the different sections can be made by following the bookmarks.

The manual was to be turned-in upon leaving Fort Wolters for advanced training at Fort Rucker or Hunter AAF.


Confined Area - Fort Wolters 1970

Pinnacle Area - Fort Wolters 1968

Flight Operations - Fort Wolters 1969

TH-55A Simulator - Fort Wolters Learning Center 1971

Airfield Operations - Fort Wolters 1968


Flight Department Operations - Fort Wolters 1968