Dave Rittman's Photos

It is not often that a great collection of photos surface that show so well what it was like to undertake flight training at Fort Wolters during the 1960s. Besides the breathtaking clarity of the enclosed photos, the scope of their content is truly amazing. A great debt is owed to Dave for having the foresight to document his time at Fort Wolters with Officers Rotary Wing Aviator Class 66-16 (ORWAC), and also to preserve and then share these private photos with all who visit this website.

I hope you enjoy all of Dave's pictures which I have enclosed in the Photo Gallery. The gallery has many high resolution pictures and may take a while to load - be patient, they are worth the wait. We tried to anotate the photos with descriptions which we hope accurately describes the locations and activities depicted.

Also, thank you Dave Rittman and your classmates from ORWAC 66-16 for your service to our country!

Note: These are private photos and belong exclusively to Dave Rittman.