Camp Wolters Longhorn - 1944
What was happening in 1944 as reported in the Camp Wolters Longhorn
Still under construction - will include photos and articles from the Camp Wolters Longhorn.
Edition Date News Article
Vol.3. No.28 - p.1 01-07-1944 Biography of LTC Kenneth F. Pughe, CO 60th BN.
Vol.3. No.28 - p.2 Number one Army gripe - "Pants too tight!"
Vol.3. No.28 - p.2 Medical Corps (6th in a series).
Vol.3. No.29 - p.1 01-14-1944 Biography of LTC Eugene P.Setzer, CO 63rd BN.
Vol.3. No.29 - p.3 PVT William Klochner, 11th Regiment holds head under water for 3 minutes 8 secs - eats uncooked food.
Vol.3. No.29 - p.3 Nazi pilot defects, Wright Field gets a new JU-88.
Vol.3. No.29 - p.4 Signal Corps (7th in a series).
Vol.3. No.29 - p.4 Triplets share coke.
Vol.3. No.29 - p.4 Submachine gun fires 450 rpm, weighs 9 lbs.
Vol.3. No.30 - p.1 01-21-1944 Plane crash kills enlisted man.
Vol.3. No.30 - p.2 Biography of LTC Abraham Bernstein - Chief of Dispensary service.
Soldiers home on furlough may work in essential War Plants.
Vol.3. No.30 - p.3 Transportation Corps (eighth in a series).
Leather boots replace leggings.
Maybe G2 had better check - they might be the same man!
Vol.3. No.30 - p.4 Winter at Wolters - 3" snow fell.
Vol.3. No.31 - p.1 01-28-1944 Bayonet wound kills Wolterite - accidentally stumbled and bayonet pierced his throat. PVT Chester W. Willard, Duncan, OK.
Vol.3. No.31 - p.2 Biography of LTC Walter R. Linn, Camp Wolters XO.
Vol.3. No.31 - p.3 High altitude flying possible with new propeller less fighting plane.
Vol.3. No.31 - p.4 General Marshall - "Time Man of the Year"
Vol.3. No.31 - p.5 Judge Advocate Corps (ninth in a series).
Vol.3. No.32 - p.1 02-04-1944 February designated accident prevention month at Wolters.
Vol.3. No.32 - p.2 Biography LTC Norman O. Whiting, XO 14th Training Regiment.
Vol.3. No.32 - p.4 Ordinance Corps (10th in a series).
Vol.3. No.32 - p.5 Army's U-Ration is tops say GI's
Flash! Luncheon meat is not Spam - says Hormel.
Push ball new recreational feature.