Camp Wolters - 1942

What was happening in 1942 as reported in the Camp Wolters Longhorn
Still under construction - will include photos and articles from the Camp Wolters Longhorn


Edition Date News Article
Vol.1 No.13 - p.1 01-08-1942 Picture of new type helmet shown.
$200,000 landscaping and beautification program announced.
Sports Arena ready.
COL George J. Newgarden assumes command of the 11th Regiment - succeeds LTC Maurice C. Bigelow.
Vol.1 No.13 - p.3 Biography of LTC Russell Baker, CO of the 52nd BN.
75,000 letters arrive daily.
Vol.1 No.13 - p.5 Letters from girls distributed at Hospital.
Vol.1 No.14 - p.1 01-22-1942 Test blackout a success.
No specialists under new Army payroll setup.
Vol.1 No.14 - p.2 Houses project buses to start.
Vol.1 No.14 - p.3 COL George J. Newgarden new CO of 11th Regiment.
In the front line at Camp Wolters.
Vol.1 No.14 - p.4 53rd shows Anti-tank unit setup.
Vol.1 No.14 - p.5 Story about Jeeps.
Vol.1 No.15 - p.1 02-05-1942 New obstacle course to toughen trainees.
Vol.1 No.15 - p.2 Judy Garland meets the General.
Vol.1 No.15 - p.3 COL Robert B. Ronson, Co.13th Regiment.
Judy Garland visits hospital patients.
Aviation Cadet training to expand to 2,000,000 men, 185,000 airplanes.
Vol.1 No.15 - p.5 BG Reinhardt purchases the first Defense stamp.
Vol.1 No.15 - p.6 Army announces expansion for Officer School, 90,000 officers.
Vol.1 No.15 - p.8 Mineral Wells opens U.S.O. Women's Center.
Vol.1 No.16 - p.1 LTC Lloyd R. Besse XO of Camp Wolters to CGS School at Fort Leavenworth, succeeded by COL Earl C. Fledge.
New obstacle course.
Vol.1 No.16 - p.3 Biography of COL Earl C. Flegel XO of Fort Wolters.
MPs aren't boogeymen.
All soldiers to get yellow fever shots.
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