Nha Trang Tactical Stagefield

U.S. Army Photo - Private Collection

Stagefield: NHA TRANG (Tactical Stagefield)

Latitude/Longitude:3285'88"N 9803'86"W

Army Map Service Coordinates: NM913358

Telephone Number: None

Field Elevation: 890 ft

Traffic Pattern Altitude: 1500 ft

Radio Call: Nha Trang




4 Approach Lanes: 1200' x 30' with 4 pads per lane

1 Refueling Lane: 1200' x 30'


Windsocks: 4; 1 each in corner


Permanent Control Tower: Air conditioned, light gun, wind velocity and direction indicator


No Control Tower


All weather access road


Distance from Fort Wolters: Air 1.1 NM; Ground 1.5 SM


No Wind TRestricted Areas: None


Remarks: Limited use due to close proximity to other stagefields




Present Day Aerial View