Rawhide (Stagefield 5)

U.S. Army Photo - Private Collection

Stagefield: RAWHIDE (Stagefield 5)

Latitude/Longitude: 3246'28"N9810'33"W

Army Map Service Coordinates: NM773260

Telephone Number: Fort Wolters Ext 3619

Elevation: 845 ft

Traffic Pattern Altitude: 1400 ft

Radio Call: Rawhide

Frequencies: 149.90



6 Lanes : 1600' x 50' each

Hovering Area: 900' x 75'

Parking Area: OH-23 - 32; TH-55 - 42


Fixed Lighting: Lanes 3 & 4 - Runway Lights

Lanes 1, 2, 5, & 6 - Approach Lights

Electricity: Commercial Power


Windsocks: 3: 1 near tower, 1 SW corner, 1 NE corner tower


Wind T: Lighted, located mid-field


Permanent Control Tower: Air conditioned, light gun, wind velocity and direction indicator, flight training status lights.


Radios Available in Tower: 2 ARC - 60 radios (UHF) - 1 ARC - 524 (VHF)


All weather access road

Distance from Fort Wolters: Air - 7.2 NM - Ground - 11.6 SM


Ready Room: 10tables with chairs, air conditioned, potable water, permanent latrine, commercial electricity, blackboard, area map.


Wind T: Lighted, located mid field


Restricted Areas: Town of Garner east of field, 1 house south of Garner, SE of field; 1 house 1/2 mile SW of field.


Remarks: Farm house east of field; Guest Ranch 4 km NNE of the field.



a. Entry to east traffic will be made on base leg in order to avoid farm house east of field.

b. When flying closed traffic in east traffic, downwind leg will be flown west of farm house of field.

Present Day Aerial View